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16th-Apr-2008 03:05 pm(no subject)
Rarity disdain
 Ah, the fic comm. Its been too long :o

First up- I doth present to thee Jonas fanfiction which is neither pure slash, angst or humour. By Gahd, I hear you cry! But yes, it exists. Although I imagine it slips under the radar of a few, or due to its Jonas/OC romance description makes Jonas fans and haters alike flee. Normally I would run like a madwoman as well, but sache8 has made it work, because her OC is actually great (no real Mary Sue-ism here, I'm happy to report), the show characters are spot-on, the way she works S6 episodes and canon around the story and into it is really well done, and the her own plot is also good. Basically, it works because she can actually write :D So, first up is 

And then the sequel:

Which is not yet finished, but judging by previous efforts is not destined to be one of *those* frustrating WIPs.

 Spoilers for the entirety of S6 obviously, not that it probably matters much to folks now.
3rd-Feb-2008 05:07 pm - In memoriam: Jonasfic.com
There is a lie in this post:

Jonasfic.com was always the first port of call when the question of fanfiction concerning a certain Kelownan came up.
Unfortunately over time benign neglect did for our perky alien, until one day it just wasn't there anymore - as in TV canon so in internet presence. Which is why this little community sprang up.

But, hey, nothing really disappears on the internet. Time travel exists. And it is possible to recreate how it used to be...
...should one wish to finesse the fine art of procrastination.

The Archive of The Archive - Part 1 (A-M)
The Archive of The Archive - Part 2 (N-Z)

Have you spotted the lie?
Yes, it's that some things do disappear, and so I'd like to ask if anyone here can fill in some of the blanks in the list?

Comments here, or in the two posts would be fantastic.
Along with any suggestions of where it could live when it's as complete as can be - how delete happy is geocities, or freewebs?

Thanks in advance.
3rd-Feb-2008 04:15 pm - Fic rec: "Recall"
New(ish) year, new old question...
Dancing close to the old Jonas vs. Daniel love/hate rehash somewhere else - repointing the sign like Wile E. Coyote - puts me in mind that no Jonas/Daniel fic has been recced. So here's one:

"Recall" by cgb (rated NC-17) is a Daniel POV fic set mainly during the mothership escape in Homecoming. It deals with the fragmentory return of Daniel's memories, particularly the ones Jonas brings back.
Lovely characteration of both men, especially in picking up on the way that Jonas' openess only goes as far as he deems it necessary.

"Recall" by cgb
"Jonas is always smiling. Even when he's not."
12th-Nov-2007 04:29 pm - Fic rec: "Transition"
"Transition" by Alli Snow (rated PG) is a fic which slides perfectly into the place between the final two scenes of Redemption Part 2.
A Jack centric fic with a team feel, and sweet Jonas interaction, this is how Jack managed to say those difficult words; "You're on the team."

"Transition" by Alli Snow
19th-Oct-2007 11:01 pm - Fic rec: Red Hot Banana Love
Rarity disdain
Yes. You read that title right. It's a first person POV, from the perspective of a *very* special banana indeed. Fantastic parody of certain fics. Ultimately, it's about the "unrequited love a banana has for the person who eats it". Jonas/banana, and suitable for everyone (for once). By suzvoy

Red Hot Banana Love by suzvoy

Just general hee :D
19th-Oct-2007 10:55 pm - Fic rec: 'Simple Addition'
Rarity disdain
'Simple Addition' by Piper. Author's summary:

Jack faces some of his issues concerning Jonas after the two are caught in a crossfire and stuck together.

Nicely written, decent set-up and I do like how Jack comes to accept Jonas more, but is not portrayed as being completely cold towards him at the beginning. It feels realistic and it's all to the good.

'Simple Addition', by Piper

Rating: PG
Category: gen, angst, hurt/comfort, drama

Spoilers: slight ones for "Descent"
16th-Oct-2007 12:52 am - Fic rec: "Nothing New Under the Sun"
jason isaacs
After previously reccing almost the entire, large, back catalogue of one author (the other fic is still a work in progress :D), here is a something a little less time consuming.

"Nothing New Under the Sun" by Jedi Buttercup (rated PG) is a short fic set after Fallout. Now I've seen a fair few fics where Jonas and Kianna remain together after the events of Fallout, but that future has never chimed with me. This feels right.
This is, as some could say, Jonas' relationship fallout from Fallout.

And it's got a fabulous last line.

"Nothing New Under the Sun" by Jedi Buttercup
Rarity disdain
"In the Interest of Intergalactic Relations" by Medie. Jack/Jonas pairing. Summary- whilst being shown around by Jonas on a diplomatic mission, both of them can't help but get a little distracted. They like to think of it as a very personal form of diplomacy, I suspect. Funny, a little sexy and with a great Jack POV.

Linky here

Pairing: Jack/Jonas
Rating: R
Spoilers: Know what happened at the beginning of season seven? Then you're all set.
Rarity disdain
'Something to Remember Me By', written by thekatebeyond. Jonas/Sam/Rodney. Like you'd expect, so very funny (and weirdly a little hot) in oh-so-many ways. Witness via excerpt:

Sam got the sense that Jonas was trying to imply something with his tone, but while the idea of spending time in a bar with McKay didn’t seem appealing, it hardly seemed cause for an SOS. “What exactly is the problem, Jonas?”

He lowered his voice and Sam had to strain to hear him. “I think Dr. McKay is – what is the idiom you use for ‘making sexual overtures’?”

“Hitting on you?” Sam asked incredulously. “You think McKay is hitting on you?”

“Yes! Hitting on me.” Jonas couldn’t help sounding a little pleased at having the right phrase. “That’s it.”

“Jonas, I really don’t think you’re McKay’s type.”

“He was tracing quadratic equations on my thigh.” In the ensuing pause, Jonas thought the telephone might have malfunctioned. “Major? Major?”

“Yeah. Sorry, Jonas. I was putting on my boots.”

Something to Remember Me By

Rating: M
Warnings: I think the summary and the rating are a clue here.
14th-Oct-2007 09:28 pm - Fic rec: "A Strange Alien Allure"
Rarity disdain
Great fic by lizardbeth. It's Cam/Jonas and it's well-characterised, a little emotional and generally excellent. Even if you avoid slash like the plague please give it a go, because it's not some long over-wrought angst and pr0n monster-fic, it's a good take on what happens to Langara in season ten, and a nice look at both Cam and Jonas through his eyes- both of them being the perpetual outsiders in some respects.

Author's summary and warnings:

Summary: Jonas Quinn returns to the SGC with more bad news, and Cameron Mitchell finds himself... intrigued.
Pairing: Jonas/Cameron
Rating: um, PG-13? Boykissing, that's it.
Spoilers: Season 10, before Counterstrike

Edit: Link was broken, now fixed. Check out the comment on this post for a link to the short, sweet and decidedly non-PG-13 sequel to this fic, courtesy of fluffy twk.
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