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The Alien Guy with the Wacky Naquadah
fic: "now is the winter" 
3rd-Sep-2010 11:44 pm
[stargate] jonas
Title: now is the winter
Fandom: Stargate SG-1.
Characters: Jonas, mainly, with a background mess of Langarans and SGC personnel
Word Count: 20588
Rating: 15
Summary: Langara fell to Origin, its people enslaved beneath a veneer of freedom. This is the story of the resistance, and of how Jonas Quinn gave up waiting for help from the stars and forged his own path through the darkness. “Word spreads of a man who blazes in his disbelief, and has not been struck down.
Warnings: violence, torture, language
Notes: Written for hc_bingo (my bingo card is lurking here), for the prompt ostracised from society, aka my wild card. In three parts, the next linked at the bottom of each post. ♥

His apartment has been searched again.

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